Me and Ryan Olivia

Me and Ryan Olivia

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yes, Not Yet, Gotcha Something Better!!

God answers our prayers one of three ways -
1 - Yes
2 - Not yet
3 - I have something better in mind

I saw this on a picture a few weeks ago - and the timing could not have been more perfect. God has shown up in answer to my prayers BIG time of the past few weeks with regard to one area of my life.....but I should mention that that area happens to be the area I prayed about for well over a year with nothing happening...not a peep. It was my career....I have never been so unhappy at work as I was the past 4 years working for a bank. I hated it almost the moment I started and I only stayed out of loyalty to a boss to start. My entire adult life I have been in way or another.. I was used to the flexibility of my commission only position so I hung around trying to make it work but about a year and a half after starting with the bank I decided it was time to start looking at other options. I half heartily looked, went on a couple of interviews, toyed with the idea of moving to another state..but nothing panned out, see God had something better in mind. I continued to plug along working in a job I was "good" at and that I liked...but disliking everything about the bank environment. Shortly after asking my boss if he would support a transfer to Charleston, SC,  I found myself pregnant and about to be a single mom - meaning moving away was out of the question. As stressful as being a single mom on a commission only position was, in a real estate/mortgage environment that was shaky at best, I was beyond thankful for a position that allowed me the flexibility to work from home many days and to be with my little girl as much as I was able to be the first two years of her life!!

Just before Ryan was a year old - I really started praying about my job. I felt certain I was not supposed to be in the mortgage business anymore, but had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. As I stated in a previous blog - I finally surrendered my heart and life to God January 2011....God told me to "Be Still" - so I agreed....and He began to work in my heart and life ..amazing things happened to me....but NOTHING changed with regard to my job and I prayed about it ALL THE TIME! I told my friends, my small group, anyone that would listen, haha.... I knew God did not want me in the mortgage business....but every door that I thought would open was slammed shut - I called everyone I knew looking for a job - doing anything...and I could not even get an interview, I did not understand it when I was in the middle of it but now I know that was God was saying "Not Yet"....Then in January 2012..a full year later - BAM -He answers me loud and clear. In a conversation with my dear friend Kelly, He reveals to me what I was supposed to do. It became so clear it took me by complete surprise. We were having a totally random conversation about a friend of hers that was in school, that for a moment thought about changing her major to PTA (physical therapist asst) - and I kid you not bells went off all around me...Now the funny thing here is that I had on more than one occasion told my dear friend that I was NOT going back to school - I was not looking for or expecting this at all. But our conversation very quickly went to figuring out what I would need to do become a PTA myself. She left that night...and I laughed as I prayed, "really want me to go back to college??"

So in January I applied to school - I spent the first few months of the year getting all the ducks in a row to attend college in the summer semester....and I continued to work full time in the mortgage business. Truthfully the first several months of the year I wished more than once that He had revealed His plans to me a bit earlier so I could have attended Spring semester of 2012 - but it is true His timing is perfect. I was working full time until May 3rd..which was my last day in the mortgage business, last day working for a bank and a very very happy day for me! I had 3 full weeks to spend with my little distractions before school started. Then on May 30th, I attended my first class of the semester - As I was driving into school that day, speaking out aloud to God I said "Ok Lord, this was not my I am asking that you let me know that I am doing the right thing here." And oh my word did he ever!! I sat in my car after that class...big tears rolling down my cheeks..thanking Him for knowing best how to answer my prayer, thanking Him for carrying me thru my periods of frustration and doubt, just sitting in my car at college...the "older" lady crying..haha

So as I am preparing for day 2 of school - I happen to go online to check out my professor and see if the syllabus is up for my dreaded Chemistry class. And what I found completely stressed me out!!! It was going to be a lot tougher than I imagined.....and the professor had AWFUL reviews. So I freaked for a minute....started talking to God about it and posted a prayer request on the SHINE page. Turned off my computer and went to bed at 11 PM. I woke the next morning....5:30 AM, calm. Made coffee, read the SHINE post, and was led to Philippians I decided or thought "ok, God I get it. I am not going to worry, I know you have this handled." As I was getting ready I thought maybe I should just check out the class schedule...if this professor/class is a bad as I feel it is going to be maybe I can transfer into the other offered Chemistry class. So onto the computer I go - the other class has room according to the college website, the reviews of this other professor are really good & say he is helpful. So I make the decision - I will go to class as planned, check out the professor I have, and if I don't feel positive about it I will switch to the other offered class. I go back to the class offering page to write down the class number in the event I will need it in the afternoon. And BAM, I notice the professor for my class has been CHANGED since the night before at 11 PM. I now have the professor I was planning to switch too.....I just sat and looked at this for a few minutes...I was sure I had not had enough coffee and was reading it wrong. Still not convinced I check the system the school uses to post syllabus, course notes, etc. and YEP the professor for the course CHANGED since I was on there LATE the NIGHT BEFORE. On the way to school - He says to me...."Samantha, follow me, do your best and know that I have your back!" :)

Now Chemistry in a summer semester is not joke...especially when you have not been in school for 18 years. But God answered my prayers right away..He said Yes. And I am so very thankful for the professor I have now!

Because I know He will answer and I trust His will and timing are best - I find myself opening more of myself and praying for things I never thought I deserved but long for in my heart. Today as I am looking around....and I am seeing my friends and family...dear friends and family that are praying for one thing or another - and I am praying along with all of them. Some prayers that are being answered quickly, some are being answered after years of prayer and some aren't being answered there seems to be only silence. But I have learned something - (and the point of this very long blog) if we will seek the Lord, if we will truly trust Him and that He is jealous for us to have His best....He will answer our prayers, EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Sometimes He will say "Yes", sometimes He will say "Not yet" and sometimes He says "I have something better in mind."

Thank you Jesus!!!!!! Trusting in you 100%!!!!!