Me and Ryan Olivia

Me and Ryan Olivia

Sunday, March 31, 2013


March 31, 2013....Easter Sunday. 

Blogging has been on my mind lately....mainly because I have not written anything down in a little while, again. Writing things down is therapy for me, it helps me to collect my thoughts, find perspective, express my heart and find peace. So tonight I am home alone, Ryan is spending the night at the farm with Grandma and John Wayne - as I was driving home this evening and making the decision that I would try to write tonight, I spoke out aloud to God (I do this a lot in the car - haha) "Lord, what would you have me say??" 

There are a lot of "things" on my mind.....lots of things I could "talk" about. 

People I have met this year that have impacted my life and heart, my annoyance at Google for their snub toward Jesus Christ today, my opinions and observations of politically charged current events, thoughts of raising a little girl in this crazy, dark, broken world, the terrible 3's (I could write about this one forever....and we are just over a month into year 3 haha), people in my life that influence, support and love me so much daily that it sometimes blows my mind.....but it is Easter, the most important day of remembrance each year, and I want to talk about Jesus. 

So as I sat down tonight....I first grabbed my devotional and my bible....and read John 20:19  - 

On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, "Peace be with you!" 

Peace - In His perfect wisdom the first words Jesus spoke to his disciples after his resurrection was Peace. 

When I started my surrendered journey with the Lord in January 2011...I began to heal, I found joy....and as my relationship has grown, as my heart draws closer and closer to Him I have found peace. Real peace....and I am held firm in the Peace I have come to know in Christ. 

Peace...isn't that what we all want? Yet it seems these days so many are striving, searching, chasing but never satisfied  - never able to find peace. My prayer is that more of us would begin to search our hearts, that we would turn off the noise and listen for the voice that speaks truth into our lives. REAL peace is found in Christ. Without Him there is no real peace. He alone paid the ultimate debt for each of us. He alone died and defeated the grave. He did it all so that we might have peace here on earth and then eternal life with Him in heaven. Jesus is the only one that can give you the peace your heart is longing and searching for. Do not has struggles, hardship, mountains and valleys...that is this broken dark world. BUT image for a moment, in the face of all the troubles of this world that there was true peace in your matter the circumstance. It is attainable.....He did all the work on our behalf....all we have to do is accept the invitation and surrender our hearts! I promise you that you will never regret trusting in His word and living in the peace He brings. 

HE IS RISEN!!! Hallelujah!