Me and Ryan Olivia

Me and Ryan Olivia

Friday, October 4, 2013

39 years old????!!!!!!


Today I am 39 years old!?!?!?!?!? Wowzers!!!!

I woke this morning at about 6:20 AM – I lay in bed, in the dark, next to my sweet 3 year old that insisted that we decorate the house the night before. With $12 worth of decorations from Dollar Tree, Ryan Olivia gave me the most special birthday present I could have imagined – she wanted the house decorated so when I woke up on my birthday it would be pretty. She carefully picked the spot for each bow, banner and streamer….it was an amazing gift (idea) from my 3 year old that made me feel so very special!

As I lay there this morning – I started to reflect on my 30’s….all that has happened in nine years and how very different my life is today as I turn 39 years old. I laid there thanking God for saving me, for blessing me the way He did when I was so undeserving. Thanking Him for His plan for my life and for setting me free from the captivity and lies I had lived in for years. Thanking God for claiming me as His daughter and for never forsaking me. Praying for discernment and that I would have the clarity to see the path He has chosen for me and the courage to walk that path. Praying for good health for myself and Ryan Olivia in the coming year - as I start into the “meat” of the PTA program at school.  Praying that this will be the year He completes our family by bringing the man that He has chosen into our lives. But mostly and above all else that His will would be done in my life in the coming year and that it would be all to His glory!

My 30’s have been a wild ride….some of the darkest days and then brightest days, saddest times and then the happiest times, destructive ways and then productive ways, many lonely moments and then the most fulfilling & joyous moments, being completely lost and then being found. I guess I grew up in my 30’s….and I am looking forward to whatever lays ahead!  

Ryan and I spent the day together – she put the finishing touches on the decorations this morning, we both had a mani/pedi , took a nap, and made chicken tacos for dinner – it was good day!

 It might be my “older” age…ha-ha – but I found myself moved to tears a few times today. Either by watching Ryan draw me picture, sweet words from friends in text messages, phone calls, emails, FB posts, sharing a cupcake….I was just overwhelmed with LOVE today.  Many of you have walked this path with me….many of you have loved me thru it all…..ALL of you, those I have known my entire life, those I have known a few years and those that I have only just met….ALL of you are a blessing to me! THANK YOU for taking the time out of your day to remember me today – it truly touched my heart!

Love you all!