Me and Ryan Olivia

Me and Ryan Olivia

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving is upon us....

I can hardly believe that we are only days from Thanksgiving 2011. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday! I love spending quality time with my family, the food, the nap that follows, and most importantly the turkey sandwich that night! :)

I love that it is a time to slow down and reflect on the blessings we have in our lives....and to just give thanks for each of them. My blessing are immeasurable....but I there are few that need some recognition. So here we go!

First on my list and first in my heart - I am thankful for my ever growing relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His presence in my heart and life has made all the difference. I am thankful for His sacrifice so that I am saved and for His love that I am not ever alone in this world.

I am thankful for my little girl Ryan Olivia - her being in this world changed everything in my life. She completed me, filled my heart, and in a way saved me from me....sounds a little crazy I guess - but it is so true. Every single day I look at her and thank God for her.

I am thankful for my Mom - without her support I could not do it. I appreciate not only her help - but mostly her heart. My mom loves with everything she has, she is kind, thoughtful and an incredible mom & grandma

I am thankful for my sister Wendy - a sister is a special gift from God. Wendy and I are in many ways as different as night and day - but in the ways that count we are oh so similar. She is my baby sister, but also one of my best friends.

I am thankful for my cousin Melanie - for being that person in my life that can challenge me when I need it, encourage me when I am fearful, cry with me & laugh with me. The person that has known me my entire life and loves me anyway :)

I am thankful for Kelly - my soul sister. She is 4 days my senior but her being older really makes no difference :) Years of laughs ,tears, & more laughs....we could literally read each others mind! We have traveled many roads and I appreciate every moment we've been friends.

I am thankful for John Wayne for loving my little girl as much as he does! He is not blood related to her, but he is a Grand Pa to her in every sense of the word without doubt. I appreciate the time he spends with her, probably more than he will ever know! We are both thankful for him...and the Bull of course!! :)

I am thankful for the Krueger twins....Baby A and Baby B - I am going to be an aunt and can hardly wait! These babies are a true answer to prayer and I am so looking forward to meeting and holding them both!

This list only scratches the surface of the things I am thankful for....I am just thankful for this has not always been easy - truthfully, what is easy anyway?? haha  - BUT it is a precious life...and I am thankful and praise God for the blessings He has given to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!